Status Update of the project EU-READ&ART April 2023 – Internal Newsletter 10

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Internal Newsletter

State of the art of the project

Dear EU-READ&ART partners,

We are thrilled to announce that we have completed a year of implementation and entered a new phase of our project. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we have achieved remarkable success in promoting culture and literature across Europe.

Let’s look back together on a year of successful implementation and progress thanks to the technical report created by the JUMP Team. Discover the most watched book trailers, the most visited sections of the website, the countries from where the users are connecting and much more!

Since the launch of the project, we have published 411 book trailers while on our blog counts a total of 171 articles.

As usual, find below the detailed performance of each partner. I added in brackets how many more trailers and posts there were compared to the last update.

N° of Book trailers published per partner 

JUMP 53 (+8)

ACADEMIA 44 (+0)


CPIA 59 (+11)


VHS 73 (+2)

SOLUTION 37 (+6)

N° of Blog posts published per partner 

JUMP 62 (+2)

ACADEMIA 10 (+0)


CPIA 46 (+6)


VHS 1 (+0)

SOLUTION 22 (+8)

News from partners

🆕 Take a look at all the relevant statistics related to our digital platform in the annual report created by Francesca Politi and Pietro Sinopoli (JUMP Team) uploaded on our Docs&Report section and attached in this email.

🆕 The partner JUMP has completed the online training path “Let’s Book Trailer!” which involved teachers from all over Europe who created 8 new book trailers to be uploaded on our platform. Check out The training “Let’s Book Trailer!” has come to an end: time to collect the results

🆕In case you didn’t see it, discover the video of the second reading lab organized in Lithuania by the partner Ignalina District Public Library that took place in the Rimšė country library. 

News on the website

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News on the blog

Check out the latest articles published on our blog

💬 Thérèse Raquin by Emile Zola written by SOLUTION

💬Les femmes savant by Molière written by SOLUTION

💬 Racconti africani dal fondo di una pentola vuota written by CPIA

💬Donne che corrono coi lupi written by CPIA

💬L’eroina del caos written by CPIA

💬Il cammino del mondo. Vita avventurosa e meravigliosa dei pellegrini di Santiago de Compostela written by CPIA

💬L’Avare by Molière written by SOLUTION

💬The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry written by SOLUTION

💬About the Children’s Book “The Gold Orange”  written by SOLUTION

💬“A Soul so Deep” and Halatsas Family written by GREEK CULTURAL INSTITUTE


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Keep up the good work!


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Period of implementation: 2020 – 2023