The training “Let’s Book Trailer!” has come to an end: time to collect the results

The EU-READ&ART project and the recently completed training initiative “Let’s Book Trailer” have successfully brought together 8 teachers from Portugal, Romania, Germany and Latvia to learn and create book trailers, ultimately contributing to the first European digital library of book trailers and adult creative expressions. This program has enabled teachers to improve their digital skills and engage their students in new and exciting ways while promoting a love for books and reading.

The program consisted of a 4-session online training path, covering topics such as preproduction, production, and post-production phases of the book trailer creation process. This training path marked a significant milestone for the project, as it aimed to disseminate innovative methodologies and the project platform on a European level.

The 8 teachers involved evaluated their experience highly and all of them reported an increase in knowledge and technical and creative skills. The new book trailers created during the training, titled “My Family and Other Animals,” “A Menina do Mar” (The Girl from the Sea), “Around the Earth in 80 Days” by Jules Verne, “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity,” “The Big Factory of Words,” and “The Cuquedo” all sounds intriguing and will be a valuable addition to the digital library.

Another great result is that all of the teachers involved plan to share the “EU-READ&ART” method with their own students organizing various activities such as book circles/clubs, reading festivals, and competitions. And it does not end here: they are also willing to commit to the project by reading books, creating book trailers, writing related articles, and filling the book charts.

Overall, we can say that “Let’s Book Trailer!” has been successful in inspiring and empowering teachers to engage with literature in new and creative ways. Stay tuned to watch the incoming book trailers!


Francesca Politi



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