The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In his book The Little Prince, the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry recounts his own experience in 1935 when his plane sputtered in the Libyan desert. In this work, we discover the story of an aviator who spat out his plane in the middle of the Sahara desert following an engine failure. The aviator is also the narrator of the story. He finds himself stranded in the desert and tries to repair his plane without success. He falls asleep from exhaustion and is woken up by a little voice that asks him: “Please draw me a sheep! It was the Little Prince. The aviator wakes up and does the Little Prince’s bidding by drawing several sheep, but none of them are suitable for the Little Prince. Tired, the narrator drew a rectangular box and suddenly the little prince became enthusiastic, imagining that his sheep was probably resting inside this box.

The little prince was very curious and asked a lot of questions while asking for drawings. The narrator was therefore very intrigued by this little prince, especially as he seemed to ignore all his questions. When the aviator told him that he had spat in an airplane, the little prince replied, “So you too come from the sky! What planet are you from? This question made the narrator even more curious! He lives on another planet, asteroid B612, which is as small as a house. The little prince describes his habitat and asks whether sheep eat baobabs, because he would like to take the sheep with him in the box the narrator has drawn, and as his asteroid has problems with baobabs invading its surface, he would like the sheep to solve this problem.  The little prince tells of his discovery of love and its thorns through a rose that has grown on his asteroid and to whom he really cares. She is beautiful, proud, coquettish and demanding. So he leaves his planet to travel to explore the stars and make new friends. He then recounts his adventures and the characters he met during his travels before ending up on Earth.


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