L’Avare by Molière

 The Miser tells the story of Harpagon, an old man with a passion for money. This passion for money leads him to put obstacles in the way of his children’s love plans: Elise wants to marry Valère and Cleante wants to marry Marianne. But Harpagon cannot afford to finance his children’s marriages and has other plans for them. He would like to marry them off to people with a lot of money who would be prepared to pay him a certain amount of dowry in order to repay at least part of what he has spent on them. In the book we meet devious and vice-filled people among his servants, his children and his children’s lovers. The people are ridiculed and Harpagon’s illness for money is laughed at. Molière makes Harpagon a comic creature who sets his sights on the beautiful Marianne who is supposed to marry his son and discovers that his son is his rival. He also learns that his gold has been stolen, so he begins to suspect everyone by conducting his own investigation, making everyone around him want to cheat him.


Thinhinane Ait ramdane



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