“A Soul so Deep” and Halatsas Family

In a warm and friendly tavern in Attica, the presentation of the reissue of the book “A Soul so Deep”, one of the gems of the great Castellian author, George Halatsas, was organized.

In this book, our father and grandfather, Dimos Polychronos, tells his brotherly friend, George Halatsas, what he lived, saw and experienced during the war and the guerrilla war.

Sadly, neither of them is with us now, but we hope their souls are blessed.

For all of us who experienced Dimos Polychronos as a father and grandfather, this day filled us with joy, emotion and moral satisfaction.

Until he passed away, at the age of 76, Dimos Polychronos was a rebel in his soul, keeping the flame of his ideology, ideals and opinions unquenched.

His mind was revolutionary, but his heart was full of love for his grandmother, his daughters and his grandchildren.

He fought in the war and in life like many comrades, like his brothers and sisters. In those years the struggle was a one-way street if you ached for your country, your land and your roots.

We thank wholeheartedly the Halatsas family for granting permission to republish the book.

We personally thank Kostas Stoforos for the honor of selecting the biography of Dimos Polychronos for republication.

We thank the Progressive Association of Castellon for this wonderful initiative.

We hope the profits from the sales of the book will help the Association and our village. 

Our great joy will be that “A Soul so Deep” will be read by thousands of readers, who through the pages of this book will be able to experience the truth of that time, the truth of one of the herd, the truth of a True Rebel.

Family of Dimos Polychronos


Kostas Stoforos



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