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Coming soon the first Book Trailer from Romania


September 29, 2022

Thanks to cooperation with a Romanian School “SCOALA GIMNAZIALA n.7” of Botosani we will soon have a new book trailer […]

JUMP is training associated partners: Smart Lab Europe


August 17, 2022

One of the key objectives of the Erasmus+ project “EU-READ&ART” is to develop local networks of partners by involving those […]

A taste of European literature


July 18, 2022

There is no better way to savor good reading of the classics again than through the sense of taste. That’s […]

Make your own book trailer with EU-Read&Art Trainings


June 25, 2022

Nowadays videos have become the go-to choice for content consumption. Book trailers are a medium that provides a way to combine […]

Words and sensations uniting different European ages and cultures


June 12, 2022

The second of the 5 literary and sensory workshops in the “EU-Read&Art” project, aimed at raising European adults’awareness of reading […]

A simple trick to read more!


June 9, 2022

Life is continuously on the go and everything in it happens so fast… That it is hard to make room […]

Stories of inspiration in the EPALE Community Storybook


May 26, 2022

EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe), Europe’s biggest adult learning community, is engaged in empowering the adult education […]

A touching immersive experience: great feedback from the first Reading Lab of the project.


May 21, 2022

A multicultural and multi-sensorial event took place last thursday 19th may in the charming city of Soverato, in the south […]

Word of mouth: synesthesia


May 20, 2022

Word of mouth: synesthesia There is a very beautiful term that is used to describe the expressive association between words […]

Coming soon: the first EU-READ&ART Reading lab on 19th may in Soverato with JUMP Association.


May 17, 2022

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the first Reading Lab of the EU-READ&ART project!The event […]

The first collaboration with a local school in Italy


April 22, 2022

EU-READ&ART comes across as a common space to work together in Europe. The educational sector, including all European and overseas schools, can […]

Book clubs boost reading life


April 14, 2022

In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, […]


LTT1 “EU-READ&ART. Creative Trainers, Creative&Digital Learners.” – Day 5

LTT1 “EU-READ&ART. Creative Trainers, Creative&Digital Learners.” – Day 4

LTT1 “EU-READ&ART. Creative Trainers, Creative&Digital Learners.” – Day 3

LTT1 “EU-READ&ART. Creative Trainers, Creative&Digital Learners.” – Day 2

LTT1 “EU-READ&ART. Creative Trainers, Creative&Digital Learners.” – Day 1

Third Reading Lab in Soverato “Savoring Literature” – 14th July

Second Reading Lab in Soverato – 9th June

First Reading Lab in Soverato – 19th May

TPM1 in Ignalina 24-25 May 2022

Blended Mobility – Training for Readers Team Leaders “LET’S BOOK TRAILERS”