November 29, 2022

Book Trailers



Usłysz Siebie (Find your voice)


July 21, 2024

On the first week of June 2024, the JUMP Team conducted a training course for educators on the creation of […]

Lilallā un viņas pigoriņi


July 19, 2024

In the inaugural week of June 2024, the JUMP Team conducted a training course for educators on the creation of […]

“Before the Coffee Gets Cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi


July 17, 2024

During the week at the beginning of June 2024, JUMP realized a course for teachers aimed at learning how to […]

Many new booktrailers coming soon from a Spanish group of adult learners


June 6, 2024

The project was successfully implemented, the project continues!

Ignalina District Public Library

March 28, 2024

Ignalina district municipality public library administered and, together with 6 partners representing 5 countries, implemented the international project ERASMUS+ KA2 […]

Online the new “DIGITAL DATA REPORT PROJECT EU-READ&ART project” realized with data at today 27/01/2024


January 27, 2024

As everyone knows JUMP created the virtual space where for more than 2 years 7 partners published 554 book trailers […]

Empowering Adults through Literacy: A Focus on European Policies


January 5, 2024

In the 21st century, literacy is not merely a skill but a gateway to opportunities and empowerment. The importance of […]

“LET’S BOOK TRAILERS @SCHOOL”: new steps in international dissemination.


November 10, 2023

EU-READ&ART project continues its fascinating journey and new interested people are continuously reached by the multiplier wave triggered by the […]

A reading circle floating on a barge to browse through literature

SOLUTION: Solidarité & Inclusion

October 20, 2023

To honour Erasmus Days, celebrated from 9 to 14 October 2023, we were delighted to organise a reading circle on […]

“Where the Crawdads Sing” a new book trailer from the seniors group involved by the JUMP Team


September 3, 2023

Where the Crawdads Sing is a 2018 coming-of-age murder mystery novel by American zoologist Delia Owens. The story follows two timelines that slowly intertwine. The first […]

SINDROME. A fairy tale in reverse, a little white, a little black. A book that does not come from publishing but from a young writer who was born on the web


August 27, 2023

I read “SINDROME” by chance. I always buy books while I travel; this time my trip was long and I […]

The 80/20 Principle


August 24, 2023

How anyone can become more effective with less effort by learning how to recognize and apply the 80/20 principle, which […]


TPM3 in Taranto (Italy) 26-27 June

Final Multiplier Event in Soverato – 28th June 2023

EU-READ&ART Dissemination activities JUMP

LTT2 in ATHENS, 01-05 May 2023

The Literature Circle in Schrobenhausen

Reading Lab in Grottaglie (Taranto, Italy) – May 2023

Reading Lab in Grottaglie (Taranto, Italy) – April 2023

“Let’s Book Trailer!” Online Training Path – February/March 2023

Reading Lab in Grottaglie (Taranto, Italy) – February 2023

Reading labs in Ignalina district libraries

Reading Lab in Grottaglie (Taranto, Italy) – December 2022

TPM2 in Paris – 25-26 October 2022