Status update of the project EU-READ&ART November 2022 – Internal Newsletter 6

The first European digital library  

of book trailers and adult creativity expressions 

Internal Newsletter 

State of the art of the project 

Hello EU-READ&ART partners, 

I am here with our monthly appointment to update you with the progress of our digital library of book trailers and creative expressions. 

Since the last update in October, the number of book trailers has increased to 252! While the number of blog posts has increased to 60, there are still some partners who haven’t posted one single time. It’s important that each one of us adds articles related to their book trailers (1 book trailer – 1 article) and related to the local implementation which is connected with the reading labs. Extra articles can also be on other topics about reading. EU initiatives, programs etc. Let’s try to improve this aspect before the end of the year! 

As usual, find below the detailed performance of each partner. I added in brackets how many more trailers and posts there were compared to the last update sent in order to track our productivity. 

N° of Book trailers published per partner 

JUMP 31 (+9) 

ACADEMIA 19 (+8) 


CPIA 18 (+7) 


VHS 69 (+0) 

SOLUTION 13 (+0) 

N° of Blog posts published per partner 

JUMP 37 (+14) 



CPIA 9 (+9) 


VHS 1 (+0) 



News from partners 

Check out the video report of the LTT1 in Soverato and results of the survey sent to the participants. Report of TPM1 in Ignalina and TPM2 in Paris incoming! 

While we wait for the other partners to upload the pictures of their local activities, enjoy the galleries of our TPM2 in Paris and the reading labs organized by JUMP, Solution and Greek cultural institute! 

Don’t forget to fill the 2 excel files for yearly reporting in the folders REPORTING/MONITORING and COMMUNICATION/PROMOTION/DISSEMINATION within 1/12/2022 


News on the website 

Let me remind you that the section Let’s book Trailer is open to everyone and continuously updated! 

Docs page containing the report of all the activities implemented is going to be created by our Webmaster 

We made it possible for you to research the trailers entering your name/surname. Remember to go back to your earlier book trailers and add your name!


News on the blog 

Check out the last 10 articles published on our blog! 

Cats will rule the world!!! written by CPIA 

Memories of a mission in Uganda written by JUMP 

“To Kill a Mockingbird”, a book trailer made by an aunt and niece written by JUMP “The secret letters club”: a book which help readers to rediscover the pleasure to receive letters written by JUMP 

“I got back on the train”. The book of a doctor that you would never expect written by JUMP The power of ideas: Malala Yousafzai written by CPIA 

A strange man in a strange world written by CPIA 

His world is a ship…music is his love written by CPIA 

And the stars are watching… written by CPIA 



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Thanks for your time and effort 


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