“I got back on the train”. The book of a doctor that you would never expect

Just doctors can read books written by doctors. About what can a doctor write? Medicine… diseases, researches… What do you think? Would you never read a book written by a doctor who is furthermore specialist in hematology and cancers?

Too heavy maybe… But “I got back on the train” is different. It’s a short novel about something real and the title reveals that a train is fundamental. Trains are movement, people going and coming, landscapes from the windows and meetings which can change people’s lives. 

The purpose of my book “Ho ripreso il treno” (I got back on the train) is to disclose my passion for the scientific research on the causes of leukemia to a wider audience.

the short novel is based on my specific lifelong research in this field and tells about how I, during a train journey, meet a young woman, affected by chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Despite troubles caused by the scientific community, perseverance allowed the woman to improve her condition”.

Doctor Roberto Porciello. 

Doctor Roberto Porciello has been doctor all life, a researcher and in the real life, worked to fight against cancers and he will never stop we guess. With this book he designed a short story, with a component of “fate”, a mysterious meeting on the train, the decision to get back from an initial plan, the possibility to change the destiny of someone…. to be read soon! 

Enjoy watching the book trailer in Italian and in English realized by the Doctor with the JUMP team during the Reading Labs realized in October and November in Soverato where he learnt how to use pro. 

Ho ripreso il treno of Roberto Porciello (the writer) and Erika Gerardini – Italian version


Erika Gerardini JUMP Association and Dottor Roberto Porciello



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