“To Kill a Mockingbird”, a book trailer made by an aunt and niece

They say youngsters are reading less and less (that is statistically true in Europe) but I can say I’m lucky: my niece likes reading and we can finally speak about books “like adults”. She’s 16 years old now and she’s studying at the scientific lyceum. She just told me that in the future she wants to be a obstetrician.

This is a real pleasure for an aunt who reads every day from when she learnt how to read and who always dreamt to be a writer. 

So, when my niece told me that she was reading (for the school) “To Kill a Mockingbird“, I decided to help her because the book is not so easy for a 16 years old girl, very busy and full of hobbies like all the young people of nowadays. I remembered I read this book at the university of foreign languages and literatures in Parma and I watched the movie in black&white. 

It’s a Pulitzer Prize and Harper Lee is an example of an American white woman writer who had the courage to write about racism towards black people in the 60s in Alabama. 

The story is a family story. There’s a father narrator and a child who is curious and she soon becomes the real protagonist. It’s a story of rights and justice against the respectability and hypocrisy of American society. 

So, on a Sunday afternoon my niece and I spoke about the book in English (we are Italians) and decided how to create the book trailer. It has been a learning process, of improvement of English and digital competences. 

This is the result and EU-READ&ART is also this: it’s family, it’s cooperation, it’s building human relationships. 

Enjoy watching our first book trailer “aunt – niece” and maybe – whoever you are – you could do the same with someone else. Our project is for adult learners is true but nobody is excluded from this learning process. Helping my niece has been “learning” for me, on a book I read a long time ago, still actual and educational for everyone. 

Erika Gerardini, JUMP Association, project coordinator

To Kill a Mockingbird


Erika Gerardini JUMP Association



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