Cats will rule the world!!!

Why do humans love cats?

They are beautiful, purring, intelligent pets that love and entertain us every day. Even the biggest cynics can’t resist when a playful cat chases a laser toy or frolics in catnip.

There are 7 amazing reasons why humans are so fond of our feline friends. 1. They speak to you. 2. They are cleaning machines 3. They’re chilled 4. Petting them feels good 5. They help you release the love hormone 6. They’re good for your physical and mental health 7. Because they love us.

Other studies confirm that cats can lower our blood pressure and release dopamine and serotonin, which reduce stress and improve immune functioning.

So, they are from another planet …they secretly spy on our moves to conquer us! Strange and dangerous creatures, they are so puuurrrrr…fect!!!



In this witty and fun book, full of humour, ‘Come addomesticare un umano’ (How to tame a human), written by Babas,cats try to tame the poor human beings through their sinuous beauty , their pointed nubs like scissors and other ‘ war techniques ’.

Our adult readers had fun in searching for images for the related booktrailer, taking photos of cats ‘belonging’ to friends, partners or relatives…Oops, ‘Belonging’ is the correct verb? Cats don’t think so…


Mercedes Corbelli



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