Status update of the project EU-READ&ART June 2022 – Internal Newsletter 4

The first European digital library  

of book trailers and adult creativity expressions 

Internal Newsletter 

State of the art of the project 

Good morning EU-READ&ART partners, 

I hope this email finds you well. I’m here to give you some updates in order to track the progress of the project and to show you the improvements implemented on our website thanks to your suggestions. 

In terms of number of book trailers, we improved a lot having 91 items published. Good job! I report as usual the numbers for each partner. I added in brackets how many more trailers there were compared to last month. 

N° of Book trailers published per partner 

JUMP 14 (+3) 



CPIA 9 (+1) 


VHS 41 (+21) 

SOLUTION 2 (+2) 

News about the website

Pietro S., our webmaster, implemented the changes that you discussed during the TPM in Ignalina. Let me show you all the news! 

We narrowed down the genres to three macro-categories. We have some new entries like Children’s book and Poetry. 





Children’s books 

Other fiction genres 



To make it easier to navigate through all the trailers we added the filter “Original Book Language” and “Book Trailer Language”. To filter for authors you can use the search bar. 

We have a new section where you can find all the materials created by ACADEMIA for our blended mobility “Let’s BOOK TRAILER”. 

The galleries are now ready to display the photos of your local reading lab, since each partner has a section.


The only thing left to complete is the “People” section! 

Please send to the pictures of your team.

News on the blog 

Stories of inspiration in the EPALE Community Storybook written by JUMP 

Interessante Bücher vorgestellt in Deutsch written by VHS 

Meeting of partners in Ignalina written by Ignalina Public Library 

Exploration around Ignalina region written by Ignalina Public Library 

The Ignalina community is actively involved in the project written by Ignalina Public Library A simple trick to read more! written by JUMP 

Words and sensations uniting different European ages and cultures written by JUMP 


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Keep up the good work


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Period of implementation: 2020 – 2023