Exploration around the Ignalina region

The acquaintance and friendship always take time, to ensure that neither quality of work nor quality of life is affected. One afternoon, the working team of the project “EU-READ&ART” went on a trip to the Aukštaitija National Park. They admired Palūšė church, visited an exclusive exposition in Palūšė library museum, had a good time at the hammer museum in Linkmenys, admired the Ginučiai watermill and satiated the trip to the zeppelin feast in Gervinė café.

 The next day a meeting took place in Ignalina district municipality, where the project team was welcomed by the district mayor Justas Rasikas, the deputy mayor Juozas Rokas and the deputy director of the administration Lina Gladkauskienė.

The mayor welcomed the project and its activities and thanked for the experience, which Ignalina will receive. The members of the project “EU-READ&ART” team really admired the Ignalina region, a very tidy and beautifully maintained town and said their first impressions are the best, and our libraries can serve as a model for other countries as well.

Perhaps the best news for Ignalina is that the representative of the Greek delegation, the journalist Konstantinos Stoforos, representing the Athens Cultural Museum, said when he returned home he would write an article about Ignalina.


Lina Raginytė



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