Meeting of partners in Ignalina

The project „EU-READ&ART“is moving forward. Until now, remotely developed the project and blessed to start in the same way, project partners (a great delegation of seven people from Germany, Italy, Greece and France) met in Ignalina to discuss the current results, to assess and agree on further steps. Project duration – 2 years, and depending on the response received within a few months, it can be assumed that the project may also have continuity. Of course, works are works, but acquaintance and friendship always take time, to ensure that neither quality of work nor quality of life is affected.

The team of the Ignalina public library project “EU-READ&ART” and partners from Europe had a lot of work to do for two days, until they have reconciled things that are not easy to reconcile, considering the different experiences, the differences in mentality and the shadowing of the war in Ukraine. The results of the working group are successful, the tasks are clear keeping up with the schedule and 60 amazing book trailers have been created so far. The project also provides various trainings for adult teachers and learners – how to organize creative activities, make technical solutions for digitization, filming, publicity in the media, how to help people create a book trailer with the help of artistic expressions. They will be organized in different partners countries, so the project implementation teams are waiting for a difficult work trip to each other.


Lina Raginytė



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