Stories of inspiration in the EPALE Community Storybook

EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe), Europe’s biggest adult learning community, is engaged in empowering the adult education community to foster lifelong learning and the quality of adult education. Recently they launched a call to collect stories of adult learning activities against the challenging backdrop of the pandemic and the social restrictions that it brought. Sometimes are the most challenging events that bring out the best in us, sparking our creativity and even strengthening our motivation. 

And so it was. They managed to collected a hundred inspiring stories from all over Europe, afterwards grouped in a Storybook published to celebrate the vibrant European adult learning community and to give encouragement and hope. 

These stories show how adult educators and adult learning professionals defied doubt, defeated obstacles, and tried to make a difference in their own community and in their learners’ lives. Different stories that represent all forms of formal, non-formal, and informal learning activities, even the special consideration of marginalized or disadvantaged groups and practices from many different sectors, because adult learning and education happen anywhere, both in virtual and physical spaces. Each place is a perfect place for learning.

So… get inspired by their stories and happy reading!



Francesca Politi



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