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Internal Newsletter

State of the art of the project


Dear EU-READ&ART Partners,

I hope this email finds you well. Let’s take a moment to focus on the status of our project.

Since our last update, I am thrilled to share that we have reached a total of 438 book trailers published and have made significant improvements in our article production, resulting in a total of 202 articles on our blog.

We have been promoting these achievements on our Facebook page, but we believe there is an opportunity to expand our network and reach more people. Here are a few actions we can take to grow our community:

  • Please check if you have liked our Facebook page from your personal profile.

  • Share our posts and book trailers on your organization’s Facebook profile.

  • Invite your Facebook friends to like our page using the simple steps shown in the picture below.


As usual, find below the detailed performance of each partner. I added in brackets how many more trailers and posts there were compared to the last update.

NΒ° of Book trailers published per partner

JUMP 54 (+1)

ACADEMIA 48 (+4)


CPIA 64 (+5)


VHS 75 (+2)

SOLUTION 44 (+7)

NΒ° of Blog posts published per partner

JUMP 69 (+7)

ACADEMIA 14 (+4)


CPIA 50 (+4)


VHS 7 (+6)

SOLUTION 29 (+7)

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News from partners

πŸ†•The final learning mobility to Athens has officially begun! As you may have noticed, we have updated our website to reflect this, and our partners are actively updating our Facebook page with daily updates on the participants’ activities.

πŸ†• The 8 new book trailers created during the online training path β€œLet’s Book Trailer!” that successfully brought together teachers from Portugal, Romania, Germany and Latvia are online. Check them out:

πŸ†• Our project EU-READ&ART was recently presented at two important events: the International Scientific Conference “VISUALITY 2023: MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION IN THE AGE OF (DIS)INFORMATION”, where JUMP gave a presentation, and the “Erasmus+2021-2027′ seminar”, where CPIA showcased the project.

πŸ†•On April 5th, the students and teachers from the “Don Sturzo” site in Grottaglie, CPIA of Taranto, had the opportunity to meet with the esteemed writer Silvia Ruggiero during their third Reading Lab. Find out more:

News on the website

πŸ‘‰We are currently in the process of constructing the “People” and “Associated Partners” pages on our website. We kindly remind you to send us any relevant materials to help us complete these pages.

Your contributions will help showcase the individuals and organizations involved in our project!

News on the blog

Check out the latest articles published on our blog

πŸ’¬ The Secret ΞΏf Villa Saligaros written by Greek Cultural Institute

πŸ’¬ Optimization of the quality in the processing department of a selected company written by ACADEMIA

πŸ’¬ TROIS by ValΓ©rie Perrin written by SOLUTION

πŸ’¬Le dΓ©sert des Tartares by Dino Buzzati written by SOLUTION

πŸ’¬ Internal and external accounting for smaller companies and the importance of timely information written by ACADEMIA

πŸ’¬The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov written by SOLUTION

πŸ’¬Acquiring basic skills for a life worth living written by VHS

πŸ’¬ Books for Ukrainian refugees written by VHS

πŸ’¬Self Made Cooking Book written by VHS

πŸ’¬Les dieux voyagent toujours incognito by Laurent Gounelle written by SOLUTION


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Keep up the good work!

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