The third Reading Lab organized by CPIA in Grottaglie, Taranto (Italy)

On the 5th of April, students and teachers from the “Don Sturzo” site in Grottaglie, CPIA of Taranto, met the writer Silvia Ruggiero during a reading lab as part of the Erasmus+ Euread&art project.

Teacher Pasquale Nesca presented the Euread&art project in which the school is involved, also by viewing the project website.
Ms Ruggiero presented her books on psychology and poetry. 

The psychology books particularly attracted the attention of all of us and an endless series of questions arose, which she patiently and thoroughly answered. An interesting discussion ensued. 

Turning to books of poetry, she gave her reasons why she started writing poetry, then invited some students to read from one of her books and commented on it.

An unforgettable afternoon. The entire Cpia of Grottaglie would like to thank Dr Silvia Ruggiero, psychologist, ASL manager and writer of very interesting books.

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Mr. Pasquale Nesca



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