Let’s Book Trailer with experts

The ambitious strategy implemented by EU-READ&ART for making a success of its Cooperation Partnership is taking shape. Guiding small groups to act at local level, blended training given by experts and the creation of a European network of creative thinkers sharing the same objective.

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all readers and book lovers willing to contribute to the launched digital platform. They will move the first steps towards the realization of book trailers under the direction of ACADEMIA, the technical partner responsible for Creativity, Innovation, Invention. Two representatives of the School of Media Production based in Maribor will deliver to all attendees high-quality and engaging training on how to realize a creative reinterpretation of a book in the shape of a clip. Therefore, the focus will be on the acquisition of skills in video-making to be transferred to adult learners as a next step.

Moreover, the course Video Creation designed by ACADEMIA will cover all the aspects of video production starting with the pre-production (documentation, planning, storyboarding) and continuing with production (filming, finding videos) and post-production (editing, adding text, effects, transitions).

The first of the three trainings is taking place on the 7th of April and it will deal with the basics of story-making, which combines storytelling and creativity, with the goal of creating a pre-video set-up to enable a faster approach later on when editing. There will also be space for practical suggestions, samples, guided scenarios so attendees will be able to express themselves in an innovative way. This fantastic meeting will join together a lot of people from all over the world which is something you wouldn’t want to miss!


Francesca Politi



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