Local TV was interested in the project

Ignalina (Lithuania) cable TV was one of the first to present the project EU-READ&ART to the public “live”. Cable TV, which has been operating in independent Lithuania for thirty years, organizes reports on relevant topics, presents both business and creative projects and the people who create them. Loreta Aleknienė and Vida Sekonienė, the implementers of the Ignalina Public Library project, participated in the section “Conversation at the Book”.

The task of man, as the energy generator of the Universe, “decorated” with the human body, is to grow, improve, and generate creative energy. The means for this is, of course, our own choice. The point is to move, search, take an interest, experiment and share. In order for a person to have a strong and reasonable opinion, he must unite both science, religion and esotericism. Only the harmony of all these three things will help to find the answers, which means that it will help to improve and make sense of time on this planet. The source and beginning of the searches is a book.

More and more people are rediscovering the joy of reading. The Ignalina Public Library is currently running several international projects to help establish and maintain beautiful relationships with both: the book and the community.

The recording of the telecast can be viewed here:


Lina Raginytė



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