The woman who sang love

“Nothing is sweeter than love, every other happiness is second; from the mouth I also spit out honey.” (Nosside)

She is aristocratic, charming, cultured. Antipater of Thessalonica places her among the nine poets who deserved the honour of competing with the Muses. She is the poet Nosside who lived in Locri (Calabria, Italy) between the end of the IV and the beginning of the III century b.C. While she is in her beautiful garden and anxiously awaits the return of the man who had managed to make her fall in love, she lets herself be assailed by memories and, recalling her verses, relives the loves that have dotted her life as a free and beautiful woman, but also fragile and vulnerable. An exciting story, whose centre of gravity is love: investigated, considered, discussed, represented as was the custom in the time of the ancient Greeks.

Many of our adult students did not know Greek culture, so, in order to better understand the subject of the book, they did a lot of research. Our city, Taranto, was one of the first colonies of Magna Grecia for which students visited the museum, some ancient ruins and the old part of the city. In this way they were able to understand the role of women in those distant times and the greatness of this independent woman.


Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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