“SOTTO IL BURQA” is a book written by Deborah Ellis, it is a novel about a difficult childhood: Parvana is a girl of only 11 years old, who is forced to take on the appearance of her father in order to support her family. The Taliban deny Parvana and all Afghan women the right to go to school, to wear what they want and even to walk alone. Afghanistan, in this period, is tested by the war against the Soviet occupation, so much so that Parvana’s family is forced to live in a room without furniture.

It is a novel focused on the fundamental themes of social injustice and the strength of freedom. Parvana doesn’t give up, she fights, together with her friend Shauzia she tries to make their gray days better, with the joy that distinguishes her.

It is a story that tells a reality in which every desire, expectation and dream is denied, for no real reason. The innocence of the kids is cut short by the arrogance and abuse of power of the Taliban. Despite this, there is always room for a smile, a joke, confirming the fact that even if you are crushed and mistreated, you can always get back up to fight for a better future.


Eleonora Saracista



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