Who wears the mask?

Masked Questions – thirteen tales plus one is a collection of short stories noir for boys. 

The characters are taken from news events and fantasy. It is the author’s first work in the field of fiction, in search of an existential sense that runs through the stories of the characters. The questions of the characters intersect with those of the reader, who is involved and almost forced to an active participation in the process of reading, as on a stage where he must play his part. The most beautiful stories are “The Porsche 911” and “The young chess player” : the first is about a young car enthusiast, who works all his life to buy one and is jealous as a woman ; the second story is about a teenager who is not brilliant at school but very skilled in chess and who will be able to save his friends by winning a game against a terrorist who had kidnapped them. Our young readers love short stories and it was an amazing experience to see them read in such a short time. The students were also very excited because they could know the author of the book and ask him all the questions they wanted.


Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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