“The history of bees” … a wonderful book from Norway between past, present and future

This is not a science book. “The history of bees” is a crossroads of stories, 3 narrative levels in 3 different time periods. The narration is fluent, smart and you concretely jump from a story to another understanding – without the writer telling you clearly – that in the heart there’s the key element, the protagonists: the bees. 

Maja Lunde takes us to different environments and eras, between fiction and harsh reality, between human relationships on the edge and a strong message that is never made clear. 

She published 3 of the 4 books that belong to her Climate Quartet

Have you ever heard of “climate fiction”? It is a relatively new genre – “literature of our planet in transformation” (Sparks, 2017) or “the climate change novel” (Irr, 2017). 

Everyone recognizes the importance of the bees on the earth and luckily there’s more attention, especially by young generations. 

The writer belongs to a category of persons who decided to give their support to the fight against climate change- She does it with creativity, professionalism and stories which center the goal of making you reflect about the global but unstable equilibrium of our lives on earth. 

China, 2098

England, 1852

USA, 2007 

Three different worlds and totally different people. The bees influence their existence but they don’t know it. We can’t consider them official beekeepers but they are and we understand – through them – that our presence on earth is superficial and shorter while nature goes on until when humans can reach limits we never hope to see. 

The future is catastrophic, arid, without human relationships and irreversible. 

Author of the International bestseller The History of Bees.

Maja Lunde (b. 1975) is the most successful Norwegian author of her generation. Her books are translated into 40 languages and has sold more than 4 million copies.

Lunde’s debut novel The History of Bees (2015) was an instant hit and sold to several territories before Norwegian publication. It won The Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize as well as multiple international awards. It was the best selling book in any genre in Germany in 2017 and has so far spent 3 consecutive years on the Der Spiegel official German bestseller list.

The sequel Blue was launched in the fall 2017, as part of the author’s planned Climate Quartet. Book 3 Przewalskis Horse was published in the fall of 2019, both to equal acclaim.

Lunde has written several books for children and young adults. The  children’s Christmas book The Snow Sister (2018) illustrated by Lisa Aisato, was a record-breaking success, printed in 250 000 copies in Norway and published in 30 languages.


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The history of bees by Maja Lunde


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