The community is actively involved in the project

Ignalina public library community presented EU-READ&ART project in the press and invited people to enjoy reading together. The international Erasmus + project, which unites as many as six European countries and seven partners (Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia, Germany, France) and is coordinated by the Ignalina Public Library, is speeding up. The aim of this project is to create an international European book advertising platform. And here we are already on the platform if you are reading this text.

People in Ignalina region and members of the community who have left abroad, but want to move forward with the community, are invited to readers’ clubs. Readers ’clubs are now being born or recovering around the world.

However, in these reader clubs, we invite you not only to read, but to gain more IT knowledge and create book previews by sharing your experiences and feelings while reading a book. It is an artistic expression – images reflect the feelings experienced while reading books.

There are 14 reading clubs in the branches of Ignalina library, and since we have as many as 20 library branches, we invite all librarians and reading communities to come, improve and grow together.


Lina Raginytė



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