The book “treats” functional illiteracy

There is a digital period outside the window. Many people move away from reading because rushing, running and busy working and living takes time off people of working age, so we miss reading, losing reading skills. In the run-up to the EU-READ&ART project, we discovered an unprecedented term: functional illiteracy.

Middle-aged people lose their reading skills as they rotate in the routine of daily activities, and this sounds very uncomfortable, but unfortunately a significant part of society experiences functional illiteracy.

The EU-READ&ART project is essentially about restoring lost reading skills. Created book trailers are an opportunity for creative expression. We want these trailers would help to choose an interesting book in a matter of minutes.  Perhaps this will make it easier to regain your reading skills and help you rediscover your enjoyment of reading.

It would be time to stop and rethink many values, put together priorities. The book should be one of the priorities. Knowing the history, maybe we wouldn’t make many mistakes, knowing the psychology – we’d communicate better with each other, after reading fiction – we would see the world through different eyes. Creativity might outweigh some of the aggression as well. This world is infinitely wide, and the right of choice is very great.


Lina Raginytė



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