A look into the production stages of book trailers

In order to bring more quality to our digital library, participants will be guided by professionals from a school of media production toward the realization of future book trailers, understanding the phases of production and video making to be able to organize their work autonomously.

During the first meeting it was important to clarify what a book trailer is and how it can differ from other kinds of trailers. What message does it want to convey? This action of reflection can leads to a different approach making clear the expectations of the multimedia product we want to realize.

Looking further into the topic, stages of production were discussed. Whether it is a 30-second trailer or a 90-minute documentary, the stages involved with video production are generally similar.

Starting from scratch, Preproduction is the planning stage where you solidify all the details of your project before producing content. Participants got familiar with concepts like logline, outline, script and storyboarding getting ready for some awesome work ahead!


Francesca Politi



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