Taranto: “The Beauty and the Beast”


Taranto: the city of the two seas, where past and future interwine constantly … the siderurgical town and its Greek past  witnessed  by its ruins. Taranto, the city who tries to resurrect starting from itself.

Students appreciated the reading of the books: ‘ Il Giardino di Nosside’ (Nosside’Garden) by Rocco Giuseppe Greco and ‘Ilva Football Club’ by Fulvio Colucci. What these books have in common? Well, both are written by two writers coming from the deepest south of Italy. The first book is the story of one of the greatest Greek female poets who lived in Locri, while the second narrates the story of a group of young people and it is set in the Tamburi district, the most polluted district in Taranto. Nosside loves her garden and she struggles for her love; the young guys want to escape from the dusty and oppressive district but they are unable to fight for their freedom so, for most of them, the end is bitter. They became workers in the steelworks called ILVA and some of them will die for lung cancer. Dream, Escape, Failure,Love, Reality…

Even if these two books are very different in style and language, they have some points in common. Our young readers appreciated this, and we walked on the roads in Taranto staring at the steel monster with its mouth fire, dreaming of love and passion in the beautiful public garden of the city.

Students took some photos and drawn inspired by the vision of the places and the narration of the stories.

Past and Future…a possible combination…One day, Beauty will kill the Beast.


Mercedes Corbelli



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