Ready the first 3 booktrailers of senior participants to Eu-Read&Art Project

First success for the booktrailers experience involving members of the Free University of the Third Age in Soverato in the EU-Read&Art project.

The 4 participants, with the help of Jump expert tutors and the presence of a local writer, created the first 3 booktrailers of the project from as many chosen novel titles.

Three titles that were chosen, discussed and processed together at each stage using the basic functions of the Canva tool and saving the projects on their own PC. During the last meeting, participants presented their respective booktrailers, which were viased and commented on together, making the collective reading experience and the transition from book to video, in a perfect EU-Read&Art style.

The second part of the meeting involved participants in an additional workshop session led by an experienced Jump tutor who showed them the use and the functions of another simple tool dedicated to videomaking (Adobe Express).

The participants were immediately able to try their hand at a new challenge, working on the production of 3 additional booktrailers proposed according to the skills already acquired in the previous meetings: choice of titles, subtitle, texts and  audiovisual material needed to publish the next works and share them on the website.

The experience is proving to be formative and exciting. The first Digital Booktrailers Library in Europe is preparing to receive new trailers and new reading suggestions!


Eliana Iorfida



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