The Ascent and the Book Club

We have chosen to discuss Nikos Kazantzakis’ “The Ascent” because it is undoubtedly the publishing event of the year for Greece, but also an important moment for world literature. 


Unpublished since 1946 when it was written, it brings together all the virtues of the work of the most widely translated Greek author. It was written shortly before the famous “Zorba”.


The questions it raises on issues such as Peace, the role of intellectuals and Science remain absolutely relevant nowadays and reading the book gives rise to an in-depth discussion that goes beyond the boundaries of literature and touches on all the critical problems of humanity. 


This book is also part of a major publishing effort to republish his entire oeuvre, bringing the author into the 21st century with a contemporary aesthetic. The aim of our Reading Club is through the reading and discussion of “The Ascent”, to help younger generations get to know Kazantzakis’s work. 


The creation of the trailer may also be a reason for the translation of the book so that readers of all countries can get to know it. 


Kostas Stoforos



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