Proposed solution to the visual appearance of public institution

For a graphic designer, creating a company’s visual identity is a very complex process that represents a wide range of his skills. Creating a corporate identity manual allows a graphic designer to apply theoretical and practical knowledge that goes beyond graphic design. A quality visual image of the company also requires communication skills, obtaining information that can influence the positive appearance of the company in public. Especially important is the knowledge of printing technology and the optimization of work processes in the preparation of printing. Only in this way can we offer the client complete, cost-optimal solutions for applying visual solutions.

The correctness of design decisions in creating a visual image is also shown in the client’s consistency when visual solutions are implemented in practice, in the way as written in the manual of the corporate identity.

In the appendix to the diploma work, we added the manual of the corporate identity of the Institute for Culture Labour home Trbovlje, which offers visual solutions according to their needs, and above all offers the basis for solutions of visual appearance, namely the Institute for Culture Delavski dom Trbovlje has a logo however, it has not yet produced a manual of corporate identity.

In creating the manual of the corporate graphic identity of the Institute for Culture Labour home Trbovlje, we used theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during my education, as well as knowledge that is the result of many years of graphic design in the printing house, and based on experience gained with working as a freelance graphic designer. Of course, it is not possible without the information provided to me by the Institute for Culture Labour home Trbovlje. Communication is one of the foundations for later optimal and quality solutions that will represent the company in the future. Consideration of the client’s wishes in connection with the expertise of the graphic designer is the foundation of a successful business process, and a satisfied customer is, of course, the key to future business cooperation.


Marjan Korenjak



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