Recording, mixing and mastering of Morelands song

The diploma “Recording, Mixing in Mastering Morelands” is a presentation of my personal work of production on the creation of Morelands in United Kingdom. As part of the diploma the entire musical production process for the song Morelands was performed. In the assignment, I present the entire production process from start to finish. So everything from conversations with the customer to the end of production. Each process from pre-production, production and post-production is described very precisely, but the biggest focus in on the description of the process of work in production.

The entire production took place at the professional music studio LOFT Music Studios, located in the UK. To realize the productions, we used a licensed program for a program that was in the last music studio at LOFT.

On the beginning the project is analyzed and the idea of project is described. Then I describe the start of the project. So talk with the client. It explains what the client had to say and what was the financial source of the project and the time limit. This section includes a later presentation of the process idea. How will it be recorded, what equipment will we use, what program settings, studio layout, etc.

This is followed by the most extensive field of work and production. Description of the recording of the entire project and postproduction. This section describes the recording techniques and microphones that we used. It also explains why a particular microphone on the instrument was used. It describes the recording of each instrument that was used in the song by the request of the client. All techniques are also validated and proven by sources.

After the production process, post-production is described, which is described a bit shorter than the recording part, but it covers all the elements that were used to realize the desired sound. The end also shows the marketing and distribution of the product and describes the final delivery of the product to the customer. Here, I also include the chapter that describes all the participants in the project and the timeline and distribution of finances of the entire project from start to finish. 


Denis Vidovič



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