Comparison of design software and designing web application planning poker

The first part of the diploma paper is dedicated to the research of different design tools, that are currently available at the market and comparison of those tools. We will compare Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch Invision, and Principle. The main key for comparison will be price, for what purposes one can use this tool, with which other tools can be connected, on which operating systems tool works, and if one needs an internet connection for using this tool. Based on this comparison I will determine which tool I will use for designing a web application.

The diploma paper is based on the presumption that with help of an interaction map and wireframes one can faster and successfully reach the set goal – finished product. The finished product is a quality integral whole, that can be immediately launched to the market by the potential buyer. All that I will try to achieve by studying basic theories of wireframes,
interaction maps, and design. While searching for inspiration we focused on studying the history of playing cards, poker, and planning poker. More about that topic we will write in the diploma paper because this is crucial for understanding the finished product as a whole.

The second part of the diploma paper is dedicated to the definition of visual constants, which are the basis for the whole visual image, about which we will write in the last part of the diploma paper. We will present a basic graphical symbol, which is the base on the whole visual image, logotype, fonts, and colours.

The last part is dedicated to designing a web application, components, error messages and how will work go.

The biggest part of the whole diploma paper will be an actual product, web application Planning poker. The web application is used for evaluating time or range of work needed for some functionality to be implemented, based on the game playing.


Nika Sedej



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