Increasing productivity in mechanical treatment with methods lean production

At the end of the 18th century, organizational structures and processes began to develop in manufacturing companies. The first serial production emerged in the early 20th century (the conveyor belt in the automotive industry) required a clear definition and optimization of processes in companies, both in manufacturing and in other support processes. In addition, the number of companies increased rapidly, what lead to increase the need to optimize all work processes.

If a company wants to be competitive in the market today, it is forced to change business processes, thereby creating dynamics and the need to make important, sometimes risky decisions. Market interesting products, desire for success, persistence and understanding of lean manufacturing philosophy puts companies in a competitive advantage and a better position in the market. Continuous improvements and satisfied employees in the company have been proven to reduce labor costs and eliminate activities (wastes) that do not add value to products.

Companies that are aware of the competitive advantage are using the lean manufacturing principles and tools. Such companies show positive results in a relatively short period of time. Caring for the good condition of the company and encouraging creativity and innovation of employees with proper stimulation is an investment for successful business in the long run.

The diploma thesis includes the theoretical part of lean manufacturing, its principles and methods by which companies can help improving their business. The Talum – Castings plant, like most companies, is struggling with intense competition and increasing market demands. For existence, it is necessary to analyze their processes and reorganize them into optimal processes, and above all to eliminate works that do not bring added value (eliminate wastes). A company can remain competitive with continuous improvement of their long-lasting serial products.

The subject of my diploma thesis is analysis of the effectiveness of introduction the lean production in the company Talum d.d. – Castings. Demonstrating how to shorten production times, reduce scraps, ensure in time deliveries to customers, and reduce inventory on all stages of the process.


Tamara Bogosavac



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