Chloe Koutsoumpeli: The Naked Loneliness of the Poet Omicron

This book is a collection worth reading in its entirety. It is not just a mere list of poems. It is a magical path that proves why poetry is worth reading. In a few words, in three or four lines, it says what we struggle to write down in pages upon pages to make sense of.
“No, it is not in the storm that the good captain is revealed.
The calm is the test.”

Poems finely crafted, with flowing language, with images and thoughts that come alive and without pretension lead us to various thoughts on art, life and poetry.

-You have chosen poets, literary heroes, fictional characters as the protagonists of your poems. How was this idea born?
-Like all poetic ideas. Suddenly, unexpectedly, completely by chance. I have a faint suspicion that our poetry collections choose these as their themes and come ready-made and assembled in our minds. Generally, we don’t write the books, they always write us.

-Who else would you like to write some poems about and why?
-For Frida Kahlo, for Che Guevara, for Martin Luther King, for the Bronte sisters, for Sappho. Personalities I find fascinating and interesting.

-Why is poetry not read as much as it should be? I think we have excellent contemporary poets. So…
-I think it’s not considered consumable and commercial. Most poets are forced to pay to have their poetry collections published. But never and at no time has poetry been more popular than today when it is freely available on the internet with all the downsides that situation entails. What is certain is that we have many, many remarkable poets and the comforting thing is that there are many young poets taking over from the old ones.


Kostas Stoforos



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