Sales process for the sale of passenger vehicles and quality analysis of the sales process using the mystery shopping method

In the diploma thesis, we focused on the sales process and building a relationship with the customer in the sale of personal vehicles. With the conducted research, we wanted to determine the extent to which sales consultants in showrooms follow the prescribed procedure and how they approach the relationship with the customer. The relationship with the customer and the
understanding of his needs and desires is nowadays one of the main criteria for successful sales.

In the theoretical part of the diploma thesis, we first made an analysis of the market for the sale of personal vehicles in Slovenia and researched trends in the industry and the changes that await us in the sale or purchase of passenger cars in the future. According to the established sales numbers of personal vehicles on the Slovenian market, we notice that there is great potential in
the sale of personal vehicles. Then we started the sales process, where we started with the first impression and acceptance of the customer in the showroom and the positioning of the customer. At this point, communication, which can be both verbal as well as non-verbal, plays a very important role. We continued the sales process with the presentation of the selected vehicle, and the sales process also included the valuation and purchase of a used vehicle, additional sales, preparation of an offer, resolving objections, closing the sale, delivery and loyalty program. With the mentioned sales process, we wanted to show with which steps sales consultants can complete the sale faster and more successfully. Successful sales require both motivated and educated staff. The topic of management, selection and education of staff or talents was included in the thesis for a reason, as this is the main topic for this year.

In the research part of the diploma thesis, we presented the results of the research of the sales process of various brands using the mystery shopping method. In the research, we visited showrooms of different brands in three different regions, and we focused on conducting a sales interview according to the prescribed sales procedure and presenting the shopping experience.
We found that the sales process is highly standardized as it is followed by all sales consultants.

We completed the diploma thesis with the findings of the research and gave suggestions and
guidelines for improvements in the sales process in the sale of personal vehicles.


Andrej Ferk



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