From the book to the storyboard, step 1: how to create a booktrailer

The second meeting of the shared reading and booktrailers workshop with members of the Free University of the Third Age in Soverato and trainers from the EU-Read&Art project, for Jump – Youth in riSalto was held at the Villa Gabriella, in Soverato.

As per the program, the participants, who in the previous meeting had presented and read some quotes from the books chosen to make their respective booktrailers, this time put their creativity to work in a concrete way, starting with the first step of work that allows one to move from the “book read” to the “book told”: the storytable and the storyboard.

Under the guidance of Jump trainers, the group got their hands on the texts by discussing and creating:

– focus on the goal and the idea/atmosphere of the novel that they want to offer to those watching the trailer

– a brief synopsis of the plot

– brief texts accompanying the chosen images/videos

– choice of open source videos/images for the storyboard 

– choice of open source songs/soundtracks for the storyboard

After choosing and preparing the material, the  final step in the next meeting will be to edit it by the free programs used during the training and packaging the desired booktrailers.

One more step and we are there, our favorite book is about to become one of the many trailers that populate European First Digital Booktrailers Library!    


Eliana Iorfida



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