Communication Skills Training

Have you ever thought about how many times you may have unknowingly spoken or done anything to upset someone, leading you to feel as though you may have lost something vital or crucial?
Perhaps it was a mispronounced phrase, awkward formulation, offensive joke, a forgotten name, a serious misunderstanding, an unpleasant chat, or an odd tone of voice? Perhaps you stopped asking questions because you believed you fully understood what a certain concept meant to someone else. Perhaps you posed so many inquiries that they resembled an interrogation? Perhaps you were unable to pay close attention or maintain silence for a while? How many times have you negotiated better conditions, asked for a raise, or attempted to do something and failed miserably? With the aid of this book, it’s time to put an end to it. In fact, poor communication is what destroys the lives of the majority of individuals. If you don’t know how to communicate effectively, both your intimate and family connections will suffer. You won’t be efficient at work or in business settings. On a daily basis, it will be difficult to manage personnel or acquire what you want from your supervisor or clients. Overall, good communication makes your life operate smoothly and gets you where you need to go. It’s like engine oil. Without this essential skill, there are very few sectors of life where you can achieve in the long run.

Start today to transform your life.


Ian Tuhovsky



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