A magical and forbidden love

The Garfagnana, green island of Tuscany, land rich in medieval villages, imposing fortresses, spectacular caves and nature reserves, is the location of an exciting love story, which captures the soul of those who read.

We are in 1944, the Allies are moving towards the north of Italy while the partisans are resisting against the last German reprisals. This is what happens in Piazza al Serchio, where a team of Nazis is installed, while young people, hidden in the woods, try to sabotage them. The secret weapon of the Resistance is Anna, with her black and lively eyes, who infiltrates as a spy in the local German command. Her task is playing nice with Lieutenant Matthias Von Bauer, a man hardened by war and by great disappointments, and pass information to comrades. Initially Anna would like to ‘cast the evil eye’ on all those arrogant Germans, but as a ‘Segnatrice’ (Healer) she must only practice the Good. For years, in fact, every Christmas Eve, her aunt handed her this secret practice that allows the chosen to heal bodies and souls through special gestures and prayers. Only those who have a pure soul and feel the desire to heal and help others can carry on this tradition. But it is not always so easy to manage this gift, understand what is the border between good and evil and not break a delicate balance. Especially when war threatens your family, especially when love is born where it should not and the future is more uncertain than ever…

There are also elements of magic and questions about the distinction between good and evil that make this novel a masterpiece of modern literature.


Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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