A story of life and transformation.

Discovering the book of Gioia Panozzo “The Sun I will sow in my Lands” (original title in Italian “Il Sole seminerò nelle mie Terre) is like a fashinating journey in the depth oh human nature, navigating among inner will, pains, sorrows, existential questions, guided by the universal call to search for and live in joy.

The author tells her autobiographical story in a heartfelt way, the story of a woman going through pain and loss, who decides to start a journey at the root of suffering, to be the creator of her own serenity.

When a severe illness impacts her life, she begins a path of Self-Healing, becoming herself the very object of this search, realizing that the only way out from suffering is actually to decide and commit to go inside, explore our inner world, and go beyond the false believes we had, and the fake visions about ourself and life itself.

During this path, readers are stimulated to go beyond what they thought they knew and gave from granted, and to perceive that true healing is achieved awakening and practicing Awareness, by discovering the Pleasure of Living each moment, respecting each other, using our Life as a Meditation, choosing the abundance of Joy, becoming the Creators of our Happiness.

A vivid invitation to be oneself, and thus rediscover the connection of one’s Self to the Whole.

With a gentle touch, the woman recalls as she slowly learnt to create a bridge between what she truly was as an individual, and what she had become in order to please those around her in life, so that she could have acceptance and love. One of the messages sent to the world through this book is that by patiently creating this bridge, practicing Awareness every day of our life, we can meet our true emotions, freeing them from mind control and judgement, dissolving and then transcending them. At this point, our true Self spontaneusly merge with the Absolute, entering the plane of Oneness, a path recounted in this enlightened book that must be disseminated for the good of all, to be read in one go.

 Enjoy the booktrailer realized by Alessia Simonetti, JUMP Association.


Il sole seminerò nelle mie terre – Gioia Panozzo. (English: The Sun I will sow in my lands).


Alessia Simonetti



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