A book that can make you listen to your skin.

Have you ever thought about the possibility to “listen to your skin”?

Maybe to touch, to caress, to look, may be more common, even an habit for
most of us, but when I first read the title of this book I got
attracted by this call to perceive our skin in a different way.


“Listening to the Skin” (original title “Ascoltando la pelle), by Antonio
Del Sorbo, is a book that explains why, at certain times in life, our
skin reacts with skin manifestations that are bothersome and
sometimes difficult to heal effectively, despite being guided by
expert professionals and following with patience and preseverence the
treatment prescribed by them. It’s the journal of a dermatologist
who will take you far beyond what is visible, to the many messages
our body and inner world send us through our skin.

When you get immersed in the reading journey throughout this book, reading can become a multisensorial experience, and touching the pages as you follow the stories of real patients may enhance the perception of our senses, as every page is not just paper anymore, but an invitation to gentle observe our own skin, a kind touch, remembering that focusing our attention on something, witouth judgement and just with a pure look, is a way of taking care of ourself.

Through the book we reconnect with the awareness that the skin, as the body’s largest organ and the surface between yourself and the outside world, represents a fine line. Its messages can have profound meanings that can be interesting and, above all, useful to know, as they can be the silent manifestation of a suffering that we may not yet be fully aware of. This book will offer the you important keys to understanding this subtle language, getting important insights about your own personal story and relation with your body.
Painful separations, unresolved bereavements, abandonments, betrayals, physical or psychological aggression and unwanted contact… this is a long list of possible causes of skin problems. Between the pages of this book, Antonio del Sorbo offers an unusual journey from what appears on the surface to the drawers of our emotional memory.


Here at this link you can watch the booktrailer I created, inspired by the kinaesthetic experience that the immersion in this book represented for me. Enjoy it!
Alessia Simonetti – JUMP Association


Alessia Simonetti



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