A great multiplier event organised by JUMP in the Calabria region.

A great Multiplier event was held last 28 June in Soverato, Italy, organized by JUMP, with a succession of indoor and outdoor activities starting at its Training Centre Premises, Villa Gabriella.

During this event, titled “EU-READ&ART – reading, nature and creativity as stress management tools for teachers “, local participants had the opportunity to interact with international guests and educators, and all discovered the project’s results and best practices developed in these almost two years of collaboration, that will be diffused by them to a bigger audience.

Interactive activities and presentations allowed participants to become aware of the steps that brought to the creation of the first European digital library of book trailers and adult creativity expressions, and to browse the platform to become autonomous in the use of all different sections, like genres and languages of booktrailers. Moreover, they practiced some steps of the preproduction phase, being guided by JUMP trainers and facilitators to imagine how they would create the beginning of a booktrailer. They experienced how to start the first steps, creating an hooking sentence that could describe a book they read, and that they were asked to bring to the event, and later on explored the training materials created and available on the dedicated section of the platform.

Group discussions and other workshops allowed participants also to experience, through learning by doing, the benefits of reading, contact with nature and creativity as stress management tools.

Interesting inputs were received by the intervention of a special guest, who was born in a nearby Calabrian village and then became a worldwide famous Architect, Antonio R. Riverso, vice president of the UIA (World Council of Architects). Being also a local writer, Mr Riverso presented his latest book “Caino senza fissa dimora” (Caino with no fixed abode), and shared his reflections about sustainability, architecture, the creation of cities that best suit the life of people and the respect of nature, in a wise exchange among society and the environment.

One of the last moments of the event was an eco-art activity, using natural and sustainable materials to create handmade bookmarks, on which participants wrote the platform website, to enhance its dissemination.

The event was a very interesting opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas, tools, and experiences. The great feedback received by all those who discovered the project for the first time confirmed the value of the results achieved and gave new energy and motivation to our will to diffuse it even more, to all those who could benefit from it, and to implement future actions for its permanent improvement. Thank you to all who attended and to all EU-READ&ART partners and learners for everything we have learned, built and shared so far and for all we are going to create in the future!


Alessia Simonetti



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