Bus 9 to Paradise

Paradise on earth? Why not. Our existence is precisely what we make it and by embracing the many pleasures life has to offer, we can have unlimited joy. Leo Buscaglia, who has already shown so many of us the way to more love and happiness, now offers refreshing, detailed advice on looking around us and finding delight in the simple things–in food, in flowers, in music, in dance, in books, in art, in memories, in our families, and in loving. Step onto Bus 9 with Leo and open yourself to a life-affirming journey to paradise. It’s the most important trip you’ll ever take. 

The author writes in his familiar, zesty fashion in this successor to Loving Each Other and his previous bestsellers. Here the title describes a bus Buscaglia observed, prompting him to speculate on the diverse views of paradise envisioned by hopeful individuals. According to him, “”the more passionately we love many things, the closer we come to living our paradise NOW.” The text contains examples of love’s blessings in numerous situations. While Buscaglia admits it’s not easy to be scorned as silly or naive, he insists that people must trust in loving passionately, answering cynics with the assurance the life is wonderful, joy is our birthright. Among the subjects covered are love as a factor in relations with plants and animals, dealing with persons who betray us, maintaining dignity and self-respect, savoring food, creating a better world. 350,000 first printing; $200,000 ad/promo


Leo Buscaglia



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