Women who buy flowers, a journey into the dreams and desires of today’s women.

In Olivia’s shop in the centre of Madrid, in the shade of a hundred-year-old olive tree, the lives of five women intersect, women who love to buy flowers. All of them initially buy them for others, never for themselves. Aurora buys them to paint them, Casandra to show them off in the office, Victoria for her secret lover, and Marina for her beloved who is no longer there. Out of their encounter comes an emotional story of female friendship, deep exchange, support and inspiration. They are all going through a crucial moment in their lives, and from their meeting in that particular flower shop, no one will ever be the same again. An intense, passion-filled novel, a journey into the multifaceted, multi-sensory world of today’s women, on the conquest of independence and the blossoming of their true potential, on the path of self-discovery, and the joy of sharing between kindred hearts.
A hymn to the courage to change and to truly live enjoying the authenticity of one’s true nature.


The author of this exciting novel is of course a woman, Vanessa Montfort, a spanish novelist and playwright who was born in Barcelona in 1975. She is considered one of the outstanding voices of recent Spanish literature that has crossed international borders.

The humanisation of the landscapes, the lyricism, the strength of the dialogues and the drawing of the characters and their conflicts – a mirror of the present day with a foot in the extraordinary – make her works an emotional rollercoaster with unforgettable characters.


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