We are waiting for Christmas with new books

Having gained knowledge and experience in training in the town of Soverato, Ignalinians already had time to share the knowledge in their community. First of all, the leaders of all Readers’ Clubs of the Ignalina Public Library and creators of book trailers added new knowledge to their baggage.

Later, the trainings participant Laima Andrijauskienė was the first to start an interesting activity to interest the representatives of Vidiškės Gymnasium as well, by broadening knowledge. Therefore, you will see the knowledge gained by our librarians in the town of Soverato put into practice in the trailers created by Vidiškės Gymnasium students and their parents.

„Young people will not only happily read books, but at the same time will deepen their knowledge of information technology, English language and versatile artistic expression and spend more time creating and sharing. Of course, they will be able to be proud a little, because the book trailers created by them will be seen and read all over Europe.”– said a librarian Laima Andrijauskienė.

Accumulating a lot of knowledge is good, but if it is accumulated and not used, begins to weigh on a person, like unfulfilled promises, so let’s share and enjoy not only the books we’ve read and the knowledge we’ve gathered, but also in the lived moments!

Have a nice holiday waiting with the Ignalina Public Library!

Photo by Monika Šimonėlė 


Lina Raginytė



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