Provocative and intriguing experiences of Ignalinians in the town of Soverato

Impressions that accompany people after one or another trip, often lie down in memory sections, and the acquired knowledge and experience, which can be used and further developed in daily activities, are the most valuable ones. In October, the group of creators of the Ignalina Public Library under the international ERASMUS + project “EU-READ&ART” participated in five days of training, which surprised even those who have seen a lot.


In Calabria, in the Catanzaro region, the project participants met together in the town of Soverato from Calabria itself, Apulia, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Germany and Greece. All of them are ready to learn from professionals to help their communities to grow, to improve and expand horizons. Of course, this sounds very abstract, but little step after step and great opportunities will open up for anyone who wants to go beyond the limits. Although the idea of this project sounds very simple – to create trailers of books read in various genres and upload them to a common website, however, all the fun is revealed in the process.

The group of 43 people settled on the coast of the Ionian Sea was divided into 7 teams, which included trainers and adult learners.


“Only upon arrival, we received a task that made more than one person to feel knees too weak to support them “. Being thrown into mixed groups had to get to know each other, and the acquaintance was not at all the way we are used to. We had 2 hours to tour the area with our new friends and learn from the locals 3 most important things about this town: history and town legend, traditional dish and production features and find out what is the most valuable object (artwork) of Soverato. Believe us, we worked shoulder to shoulder, but… it was actually much easier than it looked earlier. People in that region are very friendly and talkative… “, – remembers A. Aleknienė.  

Really interesting and unusual, according to training participants, the famous Fishermen’s Church appeared. Unconventional external frescoes revealed the famous miracle – salvation from a terrible storm (Ignalina`s learners took a picture near this church). The fishermen’s gratitude for this salvation is a church built by their own efforts.

True, there was no time for trips and excursions to satisfy all curiosity, because intensive training from early morning to late evening with a team of professional trainers from France, Slovenia, Greece and Italy tired out the participants. And where is the homework else!

The participants of the project learned to act, film, interpret, systematize here and now, to monitor the action and process it, to read a book and “squeeze” it maximally and concentratedly into a two-minute amazing trailer. It was a novelty to use architectural and historical knowledge and facts in real time in the activities.

„We have a lot of things around us, but we are not able to accept everything, as a means for development, creativity, and horizon expansion. I think it is very important to have an overall perception and view of the world. These trainings at one point kicked the chair out from under you and gave you wings. We didn’t even know we could and had so much. It seems like who would believe that the making of a trailer can hold so much within itself.” – Vida Sekonienė shared her impressions.

During this training all participants developed new competences and created 10 new book trailers. 


Lina Raginytė



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