The world of the Little Prince

6 years ago I received as a Christmas gift something magical from my grandparents: a very little book of few pages and many coloured drawings. I was very surprised since I was not used to reading books (especially for children, I thought) but they told me that this one was a special present for a special person like me. (Of course, for grandparents we are always the best).

The day after I started to flip through the pages with the curiosity to explore the world of “The Little Prince” and only in one day I finished reading it. Each chapter caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to discover the following story.

Even now, when I’m thoughtful and I take time to reflect about myself, I browse through the pages of the book looking for short sentences and quotes which could help me to live my life in the best way. Now I’m 6 years older; growing is the natural consequence of the passing of time and I try to accept day by day all the responsibilities of the adult world without losing the lightheartedness.

Adult world is complicated and hectic. Sometimes we forget the real essence of life, losing time with trivial things far from our childlike spirit; we need to re-discover the value of feelings and relationships among human beings, and also with nature, with a light heart like that of the little prince.

The reader can do it with this fable, reflecting on many aspects of life, from loneliness to friendship, from love to loss, using its imagination and the power of a light heart.

Everyone has a personal experience reading “The Little Prince” and here you can watch my first book trailer which are has been the first one of the platform of EU-READ&ART!

Article written and book trailer realized by Ylenia Azzaro. 

The Little Prince


Ylenia Azzaro



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