The importance to share the reading and the booktrailers videomaking among adults of different ages

Let’s starting successfully the second cycle of literary meetings as part of the EU Read&Art project, now starring some members of the Free University of the Third Age in Soverato.

The first of a series of three meetings was held at Villa Gabriella, the headquarters of the Association Jump – Youth in riSalto and was preparatory to what will be the final goal of the meetings, the creation of 4 booktrailers that will enrich the first European Digital Library of Booktrailers.


Participants had the opportunity to engage with two local writers, each of whom, in their own style, talked about the genesis of their books, writing techniques and the transition from telling a story in itself to telling a story about a book that has been read, toknow the different techniques of storytelling useful for synthesizing the story with a view to constructing a storyborad (text + images) useful at the next meeting.

The second part of the meeting was held in a very interactive way, inviting each of the participants to present a book of their choice that they had previously been recommended to bring with them and on which they intended to make their personal booktrailers. Each participant told the plot of the book and explained the reasons why they chose it.


At the end of the presentations, taking advantage of a beautiful sunset on the terrace, people all discussed together about to set up the work during the following meetings respect to the most suitable storytelling for the chosen titles.


Eliana Iorfida



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