The Gang with the Blue Socks

The first story of the series The Gang with the Blue Socks with the title “The most beautiful story!” by Miranda Vatikioti is released by Aeolos Publications. The illustrator is Dimitris K. Pantazis.

The main heroine is Rosa who wants to be a magazine editor, although she doesn’t know what that means. Her best friend is Christopher, a boy you should never say no to. He, for his part, wants to build a tree house. With the help of three other children, Aris – who donates his garden tree and becomes an editor, Sophia or Sophie and Alexis, they manage to reconcile their wishes. And they will build a tree house and start a magazine, which, however, has the strangest title: “The House with the Blue Socks on the Tree”.

But from there, the mystery begins, involving a big fight between a boy and a schoolgirl, a short story competition and more. But don’t let me spoil it because this is a mystery.

We experience school life through the book but also learn how a magazine can be created. Fun and valuable for aspiring journalists!


Kostas Stoforos



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