Optimization of the new production technology – comparison between the machine CNC manufacturing of roofing and the classical manufacturing of roofing with consideration of saftey at work

In this thesis, we compared two technologies for the production of roofing. A comparison is made between the classical method of manufacturing the roof structure and the machine manufacturing of the roof structure. The classical method of manufacturing the roof structure of the roof is carried out manually, while the mechanical method of manufacturing is carried out with the help of CNC machinery and computer equipment. The classic way of making roof trusses is demanding and requires a great deal of manual skills, as the carpenter must be trained, skilled, able to read prepared plans, draw workshop plans and measure individual elements, and have a lot of experience to be able to make and prepare the entire structure of the roof truss. Machine manufacturing technology also requires a trained carpenter who, in addition to knowing the individual parts of the structures and their characteristics, must be able to use appropriate computer programs.

We presented each technology in detail, described its characteristics or manufacturing properties. Before performing the analyses, we first described the theoretical bases of cost and time analysis. In the following, we made an inventory of the works and calculated the price per unit of measure. With the help of the price analysis, we defined the costs of the individual roof structure manufacturing system. At the end, based on the carpentry and assembly work of the structure, we created a time analysis using the MS Project program. We added manpower to the activities and created a Gantt chart for each set – a timetable for the execution of the works.

On the basis of the obtained results, we determined the most cost-effective and time-efficient option for building a roof structure for an apartment building.

Under the last point, we wanted to emphasize how important it is to consider safety and health when working on the roof. The production and installation of roofs in the classic way and the mechanical production and installation of roofs with CNC hardware are inherently more dangerous jobs. Roofing installation takes place at a height where the use of perfect safety equipment and devices is very important. We focused on the organization of the construction site, safe work on the roof, the use and wearing of protective personal equipment and the implementation of safety and health at work in the company.



Renata Kerec



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