Design of drainage of waste water in the area of Prlekija in the BIM Environment and creation of 3D BIM model

In thesis we dealed with BIM implementation in the project of sewage system in the area of Prlekija, more precisely in the area of Podgorci. Using Autodesk software – Urbano Canalis, a 3D BIM model was created. The subject of the project is gravity-pressure municipal sewerage with pumping stations located along the local and municipal roads and in the area of the planned sidewalks, which are part of the second project. At the same time with the construction of the sewage system, the existing water supply system will be reconstructed (not the subject of this project).

The aim of a 3D BIM model was to demonstrate the importance of using BIM approach in infrastructure project. In the field of infrastructure, each project is unique because of interaction with the terrain and other existing structures. In such complex projects, the transparency and traceability are even more important, which is provided by BIM. In theoretical part of the thesis, the reasons and purpouse to use BIM in the project are introduced. This chapter also include the comparison between the traditional and BIM approach in construction industry.

In order to successfully implement BIM in the project, it is necessary to know the main steps and documents. Big attention was paid to the controllability of large amount of information in a transparent and traceable way. Furthermore, we describe software tools that enable the production and analysis of BIM model. In the application part of our thesis we describe the usage of Urbano software, from the production of input data, the production of the system, the overview of the properties that are contained in each 3D element, the possibility of exporting data to the output formats. The aim of the 3D BIM model in thesis was to coordinate the design solutions of the various project participants. We described collaboration of participants using common data environment. Focus was on importance of file naming convention which ensures full control over the information and activities of the participants. In the Navisworks Manage software, we performed the quality control of the 3D BIM-models, which included clash detection and the examination of the attributes of assemblies, which were predefined in the BIM Implementation Plan (BEP) in the LOD tables.


Aljaž Zidar



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